Checking out any church will always bring questions. 

We’ve listed a few that may be on your mind concerning NMCC.

What kind of Worship Service do you have?

We don’t view our services as services, but more like experiences. The term “service” has the idea as something with a beginning and an end. To NMCC, worship is more than just what happens during the 80 minutes on a Sunday morning. Using a blended approach in music, humor, drama, and multimedia, it is our goal to share an experience together that will help us take the next step in developing our relationships with God and each other. One of our members has said, “I just love coming to NMCC because I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” The word “routine” is not something you will find here at NMCC.

Will I feel out of place if I come casually dressed?

We have a spirit of “Come As You Are” at NMCC. Our Senior Pastor, Bob Hicks, dresses casually when he speaks on Sundays. The worship team is also in casual dress. One of the great things about NMCC is that you’ll find people dressed from suits and ties to weekend casual. It’s all about the heart being open to receive what God wants us to hear.

As a first time guest, will I have to do anything?

We welcome all our guests to come and just check us out. We don’t make you stand or point you out in any embarrassing way. We’re here to answer any of your questions. We would love it if you would fill out a welcome card attached to your bulletin just to let us know you were here… but it’s optional if you’re not comfortable. If you do fill out a Welcome Card, you will not be on a “spam” list, we simply want to know you visited and worshiped with us.

What is a worship service like?

We are not a traditional church. You will not find pews or hymnals. While there is nothing wrong with either of these things, it’s just not how we choose to communicate. We admit we’re a little unorthodox, but we also admit we like it that way! Our services run about 80 minutes. We display lyrics, scriptures, and sermon notes on 3 large HD screens on either side of stage. We also have a nursing/cry room for mothers with tiny or upset children. In this room you will still see the speaker live, but via video. 

From week to week, you never know what surprises are in store. Sometimes Robby, Jacob, or Brye will bring a message. While our communication style is a little different, our message is always the same: we want you to know Jesus better, and understand what your next step is wherever you are in your faith.